Why The VTech Watch Is Now The Hottest Gift For Kids


VTech Watch - Kidizoom SmartWatch

The VTech Watch, officially known as the VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch is the original smart watch for kids, riding on the current interest surrounding the smart watch. The VTech toy watch is the start of a wearable technology transformation for kids. Click here Get more detailed info on the VTech watch.

This interest peaked with the release in of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in April of 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch integrates seamlessly with Samsung's army of Galaxy devices. This gives smart watch owners the privilege of making and receiving calls, receive instant notifications from phone, capture photo or video with built in camera, monitor health using built-in features and also achieve many other goals using 3rd party apps.


Back when the homephone was the norm, VTech was famous for its cordless phones. In recent times, it is more well known for its VTech Kidizoom camera. The VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch is inspired by the successful Kidizoom line of cameras. The VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch is actually a combination of the VTech Kidizoom camera and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Wearable technology has now reached our children.

The VTech children's watch cannot make or receive calls of course. However, it has many other features that kids will love and will keep them happily occupied with their VTech watch for a long time to come. Let us take a look at the features of the new technology of the VTech Watch.

Touchscreen Display

vtech kidizoom smart watch-350The VTech smart watch for kids has a bright and colorful 1.41" color touchscreen with a built-in motion sensor.

VTech Watch Is An Educational Toy

The VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch is also an electronic learning toy. It helps kids to learn to read clocks the old fashioned way as well as the modern way. As a parent, I do not believe in buying toys for my kids unless it helps them to learn as well. Kids can switch between analog and digital displays.

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Reading analog watches is a lost art, but it is best to help kids to learn as they have to make calculations before they can tell the time. This improves the logistic function of their brains. Having the display in both analog and digital helps them to learn how to 'think out' the time.

The VTech watch comes with 50 different display designs from which the kids can choose. Add to this the 4 included educational games and you have a toy which can help educate your kids while they are having tons of fun. VTech also adds a timer and alarm with several different animations that your kid can chose from.

Take Photos

Kids love pictures! I could not get my 4 year old daughter away from my phone or tablet. She always wanted to take pictures and see what it looks like. Well, the VTech Kidiwatch is a camera watch for your kids to take their own pictures. Not only can they take photos, but they can then add photo effects.

vtech watch white-500With 128 MB of memory built-in, the kids watch from VTech has a 640 x 480 pixels camera that can store about 800 pictures. Want to get the photos off the watch? No worries, just connect the VTech Smart Watch to a computer and download the pictures, where further editing or sharing can take place or photos can then be printed.

Shoot Videos

More than just a digital photo camera, the VTech toy watch is also a video camera. The 128 MB memory stores 6 minutes of video. Kids can record videos while they play and preserve memories for years to come.

Videos can either be shot at 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 pixels.

Smart Voice Recorder

The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch features a voice recorder where kids can have fun recording their voices. Not only can they record their voices, but they can play it back with 5 special effects for changing their voices to add to the fun. As a result of this feature, some kids call it the VTech talking watch. Check out the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch on Amazon.

Kids Play Games On Their Smart Watch

The VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch comes with 4 default mini learning games:

  1. Finger Dance
  2. Rotating Puzzle
  3. Super Detective
  4. Time Master

VTech Learning Lodge

vtech watch pinkLucky for VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch owners, due to its InnoTab line of kids tablets, VTech an acclaimed library of kids apps called the VTech Learning Lodge™. Here kids have access to many more learning games as well as watch faces. By the way, you may want to take a look at VTech's hot kids tablet, the InnoTab 3S Plus.

VTech Smart Watch Targets Kids 4-12 Years Old

The VTech Watch for kids targets kids ages 4  12 years, but I hardly see the average 12 year old really wanting a smart watch from VTech. Indeed, the smart watch toy is more suited for kids 7 -12 years of age.

Splash Proof

The VTech watch for kids is splash proof, NOT water proof. Note, I did not say waterproof. This means if water splashes on the watch, it is good to go. This is good for any spilling incidents that may occur. However, please tell your kids not to submerge the watch in water or take it for a swim!

VTech Watch Battery

The smartwatch from Vtech charges in about 3 hours, which is enough to get kids complaining. However, the good news is that it may last up to 2 weeks or more on normal usage!

VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Connectivity

As already stated, the VTech smart watch for kids can be attached to a computer via micro USB (included). Photos and videos can be uploaded to computer. The same micro USB cable is used to charge the VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch. Through the connection also, kids have access to the VTech's Learning Lodge for more apps.

vtech watch greenVTech Smart Watch Color Options

The Kidizoom watch comes in 4 color choices: white, pink, green and blue.

90 Day Warranty

The kids watch by VTech comes with a 90 day warranty.

Free Shipping From Amazon

When you buy VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch from any link on this website, you will have access to free shipping.

VTech Watch Price

The VTech watch price is $59.99, but as I just stated, you have access to Free Shipping when you buy from any link on this website.

Summary - The VTech Watch

The VTech kids watch is more than just a watch. It has a timer, alarm, photo and video camera, games, access to VTech apps, it is splash proof and connects seamlessly to a computer to download content. It is designed for kids from 4 years old upwards, but is ideally suited for the 4 - 10 age group.

The VTech watch is a durable gift. Unlike many toys, it is multi dimensional, so there are many different activities to kepp kids occupied. They will not be easily bored and your child will love it and keep playing over and over. The Vtech smart watch is a great gift investment for kids in the 4 - 10 years age group.

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VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Educational Value








          Value for Money



            • - Take photos, shoots videos, voice recorder
            • - Easy to charge with USB cable and charge lasts 2 weeks
            • - 4 Free games
            • - Teach young kids how to read a watch
            • - Splash proof


            • - Not 100% Waterproof
            • - Battery takes about 3 hours to charge
            • - More than 128 MB memorywould be better

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